The founder and sole owner of Mandarinko ltd is Strahimir Filipovic.
After graduation from high school and university in the USA, where I have lived almost six years, I began working in Konzum, Zagreb on purchasing of fruit and vegetables, followed by a working experience of their retail sector in Zagreb. After ending the military service and wedding I descided to continue the working experience in Neretva valley. From 2001 until the startup of my own firm I had organized the financing of businesses in the south of Croatia, from Makarska to Dubrovnik, for Splitska banka.

Under the patronage of many advisors and mentors, especially my father, I grew with a vision of a life in the industry of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Our job is to aid the farmers of the Neretva valley to place their produce on the shelves of regional retailers. We do this daily through information exchange between buyers and agricultural producers, aiming to meet the needs of the market at fair prices that cover the costs of our business and create a profit.
Our business goals have three dimensions:
• Consolidating small agricultural producers in reaching the shelves of retailers in Croatia and immediate neighborhood. Our export markets are: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary, Slovakia, Czeck republic, Poland, Germany and FYR Macedonia.
• Being successful and innovative poducers of vegetables indoors (greenhouses), adding value to the customer and building a long-term trustwirthy relationship to our company
• Being recognized as a reliable distributer of fresh fruit and vegetables for retail network as well as for gastronomy in the region from Split to Cavtat.

The modest startup of Mandarinko happened on 03.07.2003.
In a relatively short period of time we have positioned the company among the leaders in the south of Croatia in the segment of organizing production, warehousing and processing of fresh produce.

We fight for a share of the market with a team of some twenty dedicated and effective hard-workers. In the season of mandarins we employ additional 50 people. Our assets include owneship of attractive business premises on a land parcel of some 5.500 sq.m. situated between major roads in Opuzen; ownership of a greenhouse of 8.000 sq.m. built on our agricultural prpoerty where we employ modern technology to produce high quality vegetables and flowers; twelve delivery units (truck and vans with cooling).

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